The Camporotondo farm, in Alta Valle Scrivia originates from the traditional family-run farm Valente, created around the 1920s, when the Valente family, returning from Argentina where they had been looking for work, settled in Liguria, in Gualdrá, a hamlet of the Savignone municipality. They began to work the land again.

Today Gualdrá, home of Camporotondo, is a countryside well cultivated, despite the imperviousness of the territory, by skilled hands. You can enjoy a non-urban environment that is still “on a human scale”, peaceful, serene and silent.

"Cestino di rose dell'Alta Valle Scrivia"
"Roseto di Camporotondo"

From the fields surrounding the Camporotondo plantation seasonal vegetables and fruits are grown organically on this good land, thanks to the traditional knowledge of this family, a tangible example of a short supply chain promoting local produce.

Situated in Alta Valle Scrivia, at the foot of the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, the Camporotondo farm boasts the production of several zero-kilometer products: honey, fruits, vegetables and the Rose Syrup-Slow Food Presidium are the main ones.


The heart and soul of Camporotondo

Maria Angela Valente

Maria Angela is the very heart of the Camporotondo company. She has always been involved in harvesting hay, breeding cattle and honey bees.

Teresio Abbondanza

Teresio, Maria Angela’s husband, has inherited his passion for beekeeping from his father Angelo (who held an itinerant chair of agriculture in the early 1900s), has improved honey production and developed the cultivation of syrup roses in the company. Founder of the Alta Valle Scrivia Beekepers Association, Teresio was nominated Knight of the Italian Republic.