Azienda Agricola Camporotondo

Rosa Andromeda by Nicola Mancinone

The Gavi DOCG Classic Method meets the Ancient Rose of the Scrivia Valley in the context of Space Festival by Busalla

The Gavi Tutelary Consortium and the Camporotondo Company offer a mix of aromas and flavors that refer to the origins of wine, rose syrup and spices from East and West. The light yellow of the Gavi wine and the pink of the rose syrup recall the colors of the Andromeda Galaxy, the closest to the Milky Way and resplendent in its mix of gold and pink tones. In mythology Andromeda was a princess saved by Perseus: this founding myth that takes place in the Middle East area, rich spices and roses. 

Two “Space Men” Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut and organizer of the Space Festival baptized this creation in July 2021 together with Paolo Nespoli who brought the “banner” of the Rose della Valle Scrivia on the IIS international orbiting station in 2017. 

The inauguration of the Rosa Andromeda cocktail, conceived by Nicola Mancinone, took place during the 2021 Space Festival in presence of Maurizio Montobbio, President of the Gavi Tutelary Consortium of Gavi and Paola Abbondanza of Camporotondo Company producer of Rose syrup from the Camporotondo company and Iudica Dameri, President of the Arteventi Libarna Association.

President Dameri for some years has been promoting the Archeosapori project to discover local products of ancient origin and proposed events in the archeological area of Libarna celebrating Gavi DOCG and Rose Syrup.


The ingredients: 2 cl of Scrivia Valley Rose Syrup, 2 cl of Cognac, 1/2 spoon of Ginger extract and top of Gavi DOCG Classic Method. 

Decoration: lemon peel with 5 cloves and a small stick of cinnamon.

PREPARATION: Pour the first three ingredients in the bottom of a glass and mix with a teaspoon. Add ice and complete with the DOCG Classic Method Gavi, then stir gently from the bottom to top. Place the decoration inside the glass.

SENSORY ANALYSIS: The aromas involved in this recipe refer to the East, to the spice markets, to the Silk Road. The cognac, a soft and enveloping distillate, creates the right alcoholic base already used in a small dose and creates a point of union between the spice corollary and the typical hint of the Classic Method that recalls the use of yeasts. While the scent is warm and fragrant, the ginger neutralizes the taste and invites the next sip. 

The structure of the drink may remind a Champagne cocktail, where usually no fruit is involved; (however Rosa Andromeda does incorporate fruit: Ginger) but only sugar, cognac and aromas, in addition to wine. 

Typology of Drink: Sparkling / All Day.

NICOLA MANCINONE: creator and manager of the traveling project Il Confessionale – Vermouth and Mix, young start-up, has a modern approach to mixing aimed at enhancing the united territory to 

curiosity and desire to experiment, especially with regard to herbs and fruits, which he began to cultivate personally.



Great Piedmontese White

It is the encounter between the sea wind that blows from nearby Liguria and the temperate and cool climate of the Apennines that makes this corner of Piedmont special. The altitude, the exposure and the limestone and clay soil give life to the Great White Piedmontese wine.

Gavi DOCG is Cortese 100%, in 4 types: Fermo (constitutes the 98% of production), Sparkling, Classic Method Sparkling Wine, Reserve.

The Gavi wine over the years, sustained by the typical freshness of the Cortese, evolves into a sumptuous white wine: the scent is enriched with a complex bouquet of tertiary and balsamic notes accompanied by the elegant flavor, the structured body and the persistent taste.

Millennial history. The first evidence of viticulture in these lands dates back to 3 June 972.  A document preserved in the Archives of Genoa reports the rent of vineyards and chestnut groves to two citizens of Gavi by the Archbishop of Genoa. This land was dominated by the Republic of Genoa for centuries and from this bond was born the export vocation of the Cortese di Gavi that from the Porto della Superba (Genoa) left for Rome and the Americas as early as the eighteen century.


Rose syrup from the Scrivia Valley Slow Food Presidium

The ancient rose of the Scrivia Valley is a native variety centifolia rose with a very dense flower, with a particularly thorny stem, which blooms only once in May. Related to the Mediterranean Rose, it was already very widespread in the Roman times, when it was widely used as an ingredient for cosmetics and perfumes and in nutrition for health and well-being. Through the centuries it has found the ground and the suitable habitat in the mountains of the Genoese hinterland, where there is a tradition of cultivation and harvesting roses as well as of productions derived from processing the fragrant petals: biscuits, creams cosmetics and especially rose syrup.